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Bait and Monitoring Systems

For homeowners who want to avoid the chemical application of liquid termite treatment solutions, bait and monitoring systems are a good alternative. They’re safe, effective and cause minimal disruption to your home and yard.

Terminix uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, one of the most thoroughly tested termite control systems on the market. The Sentricon system works in three phases:

  1. Monitoring – During the monitoring phase, monitoring stations are placed in the ground around your home. The stations are positioned about a foot to a foot-and-a-half from the structure and in 10- to 20-foot intervals. Adding more monitoring stations is always an option for quicker activity detection. Wood – termites’ favorite food – is placed inside the station to attract the foraging termites. Once termites discover the wood, they crawl in through small side slits and consume it.
  2. Baiting – The initial wood is untreated so that the station will collect termites for your Terminix professional to determine the extent of activity on your property. Once a monitoring station becomes active, your Terminix specialist will replace the untreated wood with a plastic tube containing a slow-acting elimination agent. The agent is a growth-inhibitor, meaning it prevents the termites from molting – a necessary transition for termite survival. The termites who consume this agent return to the colony and share the substance with their fellow termites. Those who aren’t initially eliminated through molting are attracted to the bait stations themselves for further contamination of the colony.
  3. Follow-up Monitoring – Once activity in the baited stations declines, your Terminix professional will replace the bait tubes with untreated wood again. These stations will need to be monitored on a regular schedule to ensure new colonies or remnants of the old one don’t inhabit the area.

So how do you know if a bait and monitoring system is the right termite treatment for your home?

Only your Terminix professional can recommend the absolute best termite treatment after thoroughly inspecting your home. But if your home is constructed in a way that would make liquid application difficult, or you prefer to avoid the drilling and pesticide saturation that accompanies liquid treatments, then baiting may be for you.

While Terminix stands by all of its termite treatment solutions – they’re 100% guaranteed, after all – keep in mind a bait and monitoring system can take longer to work. It may take months for termites to find the baits and spread the elimination agent to their colonies. So if you’re looking for a faster remedy, baiting may not be your first choice.

Bait and monitoring systems are safe and effective. Your termite control specialists at Terminix are specially trained to implement and maintain this treatment solution for you. Termite control is a process, not an event. So partnering with the right termite treatment company is critical to keeping these pests away from your home for good.


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