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5 Steps to Repairing Termite Damage in Your Home

Hearing “you’ve got termite damage” is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, but it’s not a death sentence. Termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage but if they’re found early enough the damage can be repaired without too much of a hassle. Depending on the type of termite, your home’s construction, and the effects of the infestation, you’re in for a bumpy ride when it comes to repairing termite damage.


Step One.

Before you make any moves to start cleaning up the mess, you have to make 100% certain the termites are gone. Even the most dormant of infestation sites can actually be hiding activity so it’s always smart to call in a termite professional as soon as you spot damage. They can asses whether or not the termites are still active and if so, how to get rid of them. A professional can also help you treat against new infestations.

Step Two.

Call a contractor. No matter how handy you think you are, it’s smart to bring in a general contractor on termite damage. Whether it’s the foundation, the walls, or just the windows you think are affected, termites in your home mean there are vulnerabilities in the exterior structure – you need these assessed. A contractor can provide you an estimate of the damage and give you a cost work up, too.

Step Three.

Decide exactly how far you want to go to fix the damage. In some cases, termites that start at the foundation of the home and linger for months (such as subterranean termites) cause  so much damage to the structural supports of the house that a foundation repair must be made. These can be very expensive and by law have to be overseen by a state code officer. If the damage is more cosmetic, decide how you want to proceed – will you do the work yourself or hire it out to a contractor?

Step Four.

Get to work on the repairs. Be forewarned that during the repair process many homeowners find more damage than they were expecting. Never simply cover up termite damage without first consulting a professional. There could be more termites hidden somewhere or potentially dangerous injury to your home. Expect to pay a few thousand dollars at the very least for any substantial termite problem.

Step Five.

Document everything from start to finish. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to find out if you are covered for termite damage and also consult an attorney if the home is new. If you had a termite protection plan check with your company to see if they had any guarantees regarding termite damage. And be aware that if and when you try to sell your home it’s the law that you reveal the past termite damage.


If you have questions about termites in your home, call a professional today.



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