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My Neighbor Has Termites…What Should I Do?

Nowadays, homes are being built closer and closer together, particularly in new-construction areas. Finding out your neighbor has a termite issue can be cause for concern, but isn’t reason to panic. Here are the steps you should take once you hear through the grapevine that your neighbor has termites…


Talk to your neighbor. First and foremost, find out everything you can about the nature of their termite problem.  When, where, and how did they first notice the problem and how soon did they call in a termite professional? What kind of termites do they have (drywood? subterranean?) and how are they treating the problem. You should ask if the termites have been eradicated and if not, when they’re expected to be termite-free.  


Remove all the risk factors from around your home. Your risk of termite spread from a neighbor’s home goes up if either of you are living in new construction, or if there’s construction in the area. There can be up to 10 termite colonies on a single acre – just because the neighbor’s bugs are gone doesn’t mean they all are. Remove all firewood, bushes, and loose lumber from around your home to reduce your risk of spread.


Call in a termite professional. Even if you don’t think your home’s at risk, you need a professional inspection to be sure. Termites can be hard to detect but rest assured: if they’re in your neighbor’s home there’s likely something in the general area they find appealing, whether it’s the shrubbery or the weather. A termite professional can talk to you about your risk level and the thing you need to do to get rid of any termites you have or keep them from coming in.

STEP 4: 

Take your termite inspector’s advice regarding treatment. If your neighbor has termites you’re best off investing in a prevention plan for at least a year that ensures the insects don’t spread your way. Depending on how your neighbor treated their infestation (did they get a chemical treatment? Soil treatment? Fumigation treatment?) you may want to choose your accordingly. At the very least, bring the termite pro back a few times the year after your neighbor’s issue just to ensure you don’t get any issues in the future.

Termite treatment is serious business and your home is not a fortress. Four walls can’t protect you from one of the most invasive species on the plane…just ask your neighbor!


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