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Drywood Termites at a Glance

Unlike the more common subterranean termites, drywood termites do not need soil or moisture to survive.  As their name suggests, drywood termites live within the wood on which they feed, spending almost their entire lifecycle inside one colony.

Like all termite species, drywood termites are organized into caste systems.  The queen and king swarm then mate, establishing a new colony.  From their offspring, soldiers and workers emerge to build and support the colony.  The immature termites molt into new swarmers and eventually new queens and kings, or they remain wingless reproductives helping proliferate the colony.

Drywood termites can survive in almost completely dry environments for extended periods of time. What little bit of moisture these termites do need comes from the wood they consume. As for temperature, these termites like it warm. They favor southern states that never reach freezing during the winter, and are rarely found in the North.

It’s not uncommon to find drywood termites in the structural wood of buildings – in framing, flooring and support beams. Because drywood termites exist in smaller colonies than subterranean termites, their damage is often less extensive. Wood infested with drywood termites has a smooth appearance, but is usually hollowed and weakened by the maze of tunnels beneath the surface.

Fighting drywood termites requires the same level of expertise as fighting subterranean termites. The damage may be less extensive, but the treatment is no less specialized. Terminix uses several drywood termite treatment methods to wipe out these pests for good. From localized spot treatment to whole-home extermination, your Terminix specialist can determine which method will do the job.


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