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Drywood Termite Treatment from Terminix

Treating drywood termites requires a very different approach than treating subterranean termites. Instead of thriving in the moist soil, these termites live off the dry wood of your home or other surrounding structures, as their name suggests.

Perhaps the most common drywood termite treatment is fumigation. During this process, the entire structure is treated over a 2-3 day period, ensuring complete elimination of existing colonies. This is the method Terminix uses most frequently for drywood termite infestations.

How Fumigation Works

So how does fumigation work? Other than the chemicals used to fumigate, the process hasn’t changed much over the years. In fact, this proven technique has been around for more than four decades. Fumigation is very technical, but your termite specialists at Terminix are highly trained to handle this complex treatment.

  1. They start by covering your home with a large tarp in order to contain the fumigant.
  2. The fumigant is pumped into your home, penetrating all wood structures, furniture and wall studs.
  3. Within 48 to 72 hours, your home will be termite-free and ready for you to return.

Fumigation requires less disruption than in previous years. All plants and animals must be removed during treatment, and food must be removed or placed in special bags for protection. The fumigant methyl bromide is being replaced with sulfuryl fluoride, which penetrates wood structures more quickly, is effective at eliminating a wider variety of pests, and creates less residue.

Other Drywood Termite Treatments

While fumigation is the most common drywood treatment, there are other, less common solutions for these tough pests.

  1. Heat – During this treatment, high-output propane heat is applied to infested areas. Heat-sensitive items are removed or protected with insulated coverings, and the treatment area is sectioned off with vinyl or polyethylene sheets. Depending on the extermination company you hire and your particular home and location, your entire home or just targeted areas can be treated.
  2. Cold – Wall voids and other enclosed structures can be treated with extreme cold. During this treatment, liquid nitrogen is pumped into the infested areas until the termites are exterminated.
  3. Electrocution – Tiny electrodes are passed over infested walls and inserted directly into holes to emit a high voltage electrical current that kills termites on contact. Some drilling could be required to extend the electrodes far enough into the walls.
  4. Microwave – Microwave energy is applied to a localized area of wood, which heats the termite infestations to lethal levels. This method works best in open, easy-accessible areas.
  5. Wood Injection – This treatment method has been around for nearly 100 years. Small holes are drilled through walls and into termite galleries. An insecticide is then injected into the holes to deliver fast and direct treatment. Most insecticides will remain active in the wood for a period of time after the extermination to help stop new infestations.
  6. Borates – These sprays and foams can be applied to uncoated wood. The boron salt-based chemicals seep into the termite galleries, wiping out colonies. This treatment is often used in conjunction with wood injection treatment.

Of course, the most effective treatment is always prevention. Several pre- and post-construction termite treatment methods can protect your home from drywood termites indefinitely. Call your Terminix specialist today to learn more about these preventative methods.


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