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Liquid Termite Control Solutions from Terminix

Stomping out termites is job No. 1 at Terminix. They use the proven Termidor® liquid solution to eliminate termites from your home and property – guaranteed!

Liquid treatments can be applied liberally both inside and outside your home to create a “liquid barrier”, or they can be targeted to a specific colony location. Traditionally, termite treatment specialists will use the “liquid barrier” method to control existing colonies and prevent new ones from forming.

At Terminix, the liquid termite treatment solution works in a few easy steps:

  1. First they dig shallow trenches around your home’s foundation in order to access exterior foundation walls and the soil adjacent to your home.
  2. If necessary, they drill small holes in the concrete slab or foundation wall below your home to allow the Termidor solution to penetrate your home’s foundation.
  3. Both the deeper soil and surface soil are saturated with the liquid solution to create a “termite elimination barrier” around your home.
  4. Drill holes are patched and the trenches are filled to return the ground to its original state.

As termites cross through the liquid barrier, the solution sticks to their bodies, and they eventually pass it along to other termites in their colony.

History of Liquid Termite Treatment Solutions

Liquid termite treatment solutions, otherwise known as termiticides, have been around for decades. The earliest types of liquid treatment solutions were repellents applied to the soil around homes. The idea was to keep termites away from the home, not to kill them. Liquid repellents posed challenges, though. In order to work effectively, the barrier had to treat all possible termite entry points – through doorways, below flooring and behind walls, which required large amounts of pesticide, and even then total elimination was difficult. This method could also require extensive drilling of concrete slabs and foundation walls, something many homeowners wanted to avoid.

In the last decade, pest control companies have relied more heavily upon non-repellent termiticides. Instead of being deterred by this substance, termites pass through the termiticide unaware they are coming into contact with it. Using this solution, the termiticide is transmitted to more termites that have not come into contact with the treatment barrier, and thus eliminates the colony more quickly.

Conventional Liquid Treatment vs. Exterior Perimeter Plus Localized Interior Treatment (EP/LI)

The method of termite treatment now varies as much as the chemical solutions used to control them. As described above, the conventional liquid treatment is an effective way to protect your home from termites. But a newer method of termite control, called Exterior Perimeter Plus Localized Interior Treatment, or EP/LI, offers homeowners a lighter, more targeted application.

With an EP/LI treatment, specific termite attack zones are pinpointed during a thorough inspection, and the liquid solution is applied directly to these areas. The treatment is also applied around the perimeter of the outside foundation wall. The treatment solution is applied inside your home only if an infestation is found there. According to some non-repellent manufacturers, this method can reduce chemical use by more than half the usual amount, giving homeowners greater peace of mind about the amount of termiticides used on their property.

A little more about Termidor

Termidor is the basis of Terminix’s powerful termite treatment solution. Considered one of the most effective termite control solutions on the market, Termidor uses non-repellent technology to wipe out termite colonies quickly and safely.

Although only a small amount of Termidor is needed for effective termite control, the chemicals in the termiticide saturate the soil thoroughly, leaving no gaps in the barrier zone for termites to penetrate. Since Termidor is virtually odorless and tasteless, termites do not even know they’re passing through it or transmitting it to other termites in their colony. Once ingested, a growth inhibitor in the solution stops the molting process, and the termites die.

Once the Liquid Defend System with Termidor eliminates an existing termite problem, regularly-scheduled inspections will ensure it continues to keep your home termite free.


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