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Termite Treatment Solutions

Treating termites is a difficult, but necessary job for many homeowners.  Ridding your home of termites – or keeping them out in the first place – protects your home from costly damage. That’s why it’s best to let the professionals at Terminix handle your termite treatment needs. They use the most advanced methods in the industry to treat these persistent pests.  Plus, their treatment solutions are safe for your entire family.

Depending on the type of termite invading your home, or the structure being threatened, Terminix uses one of three proven solutions.  Here’s a quick glance at each one.

Liquid Termite Treatment

Perhaps the most common type of termite treatment involves using liquid termiticides.  Terminix specialists employ the Liquid Defend System® to create a “no termite zone” around your home’s foundation.  The process involves a few important steps to establish the zone:

  • Your termite treatment specialist will start by digging trenches around your home’s foundation to lay the groundwork for the treatment zone.
  • Small holes are drilled into the concrete slab attached to the foundation.  This allows the treatment solution to seep deeply into the trench forming an impenetrable barrier.
  • He will then use specialized equipment to saturate the soil and the base of your home with the treatment solution.
  • After patching the drill holes, he’ll fill the trenches and return the perimeter of your home to its original state.

When termites pass through this liquid barrier, their bodies pick up the treatment solution, which they pass on to other termites.  Entire colonies are wiped out quickly and safely.  In fact, Terminix is so sure the Liquid Defend System® will eliminate termites from your home, they guarantee it – or they’ll re-treat your home until the termites are gone – for free!  No one else offers peace of mind like Terminix.

Liquid termite control methods have been around for decades.  Learn more about liquid termite treatment.

Bait and Monitoring Systems

Bait and monitoring systems are another common termite treatment solution.  Your Terminix professional will treat your baits with a control substance and place them in the ground around your home.  Termites consume the control material in the baits while hunting for food, and then pass the substance along to their colony mates. This method takes longer to eliminate colonies, but its lasting results are equally effective.

Once a colony has been eliminated, your termite control specialist will continue monitoring the baits for new termite activity.

Learn more about baiting and monitoring systems to determine if they’re the right termite control solution for you.

Drywood Termite Treatment

If a Terminix pest control specialist determines you have drywood termites, he may suggest a wood treatment option, traditionally known as fumigation.  This type of treatment is typically recommended when more than one termite colony is discovered.  The process is completely safe and is carefully controlled to protect your home while offering the most effective extermination possible.

Drywood treatment is backed by Terminix’s Ultimate Protection® Guarantee, which means if you see drywood termites after the treatment, they’ll re-treat your home within 24 hours – guaranteed.

Get more information about drywood termite treatment.


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