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Before your termite threat becomes an invasion
THREAT LEVEL 3 slight to moderate

Your area is in a
slight to moderate termite infestation zone.

The Termite Infestation Probability Zone may vary in some areas. Your threat level is determined by the majority zone in your state.

Orkin termite CONTROL in Green Bay, WI

Termites are not on the radar of many Wisconsin residents, but despite the freezing winters termites still call Green Bay home. There are many signs of termite activity, and by being able to identify them you could stop major damage before it happens. Abandoned wings, mud tubes at the base of your home’s exterior, termite droppings or mysterious piles of sawdust are all indications of termite damage. If you notice any of these signs in or around your home you should pick up the phone and call Orkin – a pest control company with more than 100 years of experience in termite control. Don’t wait for damage to get worse; call Orkin right away for a free home inspection.

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Orkin Termite Control in Green Bay, WI

Orkin’s expertise in Green Bay termite varieties, threats and treatment strategies is second to none. Home and business owners in Green Bay already trust Orkin to provide preventative pest monitoring as well as strategic, environmentally responsible treatment for termite infestations. Why wait? With a free termite inspection, powerful science-backed solutions and the best training, tools and technology in the business, Orkin leads Green Bay termite control companies in both service and results.



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Common termites in Green Bay, WI

Green Bay, WI has a long list of nuisance pests. But because of the extensive, expensive damage they cause each year to many Green Bay residences, Subterranean termites earn the status of most destructive.

Most of Wisconsin falls within Termite Infestation Probability Zone 3. This means termite activity in Green Bay is likely slight to moderate, especially during termite swarm season, which is May to June in this area. If you’re not sure whether Subterranean termites have invaded your Green Bay property, look for the common signs listed on the right.

Want to learn more about the termites threatening your home or business in Green Bay, WI? Try out the Know Your Termite Threat Tool, or call 866-715-4665 to schedule a no-obligation consultation and termite inspection with your local Orkin Pro.


Termite treatment in Green Bay

Termite treatment is an important part of home ownership and can save you thousands in repair costs should termites ever invade your home. With Orkin of Green Bay, termite treatment is easy and guaranteed. It all begins with a FREE termite inspection, followed by a recommended treatment plan based on the factors your termite inspector finds in your home. Your Orkin Pro is also aware of environmental factors in the Green Bay area that influence your home’s susceptibility to termite infestations. Following treatment, Orkin guarantees that you’ll be termite-free as long as you remain a customer.

For added protection, many homeowners will insist on a termite bond. This document ensures your termite treatment’s effectiveness and covers you against losses from termite damage. Typically, Green Bay termite control providers will require that your home is termite-free upon initial inspection and that you get annual termite inspections.

Since most homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite damage, a termite bond can be very important coverage, especially if you live in a high-risk area. Thankfully, getting a termite bond in Green Bay isn’t as hard as you think.  Just ask your Orkin Pro about this agreement prior to your termite treatment.